1316012943898The use of LPG into vehicles is a fully environmental friendly fuel. The LPG has been recognized since many years ag as a response to the quest for alternative fuels. LPG is the most important and accepted alternative car fuel.
The installation of gas combustion set is an economic and modern solution which attracts more and more car owners as a friendly fuel both for the environment and for the driver's pocket. Specifically, while the price of gasoline has long since outlived 1.5€ per liter, LPG range in much lower levels, at the 0,70€ per liter.So all the drivers and especially those who are using their car for long distances on daily basis, can save considerable amounts of money.

Is LPG Safe?

The system safety is ensured through various parts which are activated when a problem occurs in the system.These parts are the following:

• Automatic filling system which interrupts the power supply when the tank reaches 80% of the occupancy.

• Fuel supply interruption system once the engine stops.

• Gas gauge on the gas activation switch.

• Relief valve to prevent explosions if for any reason the outside temperature becomes too high (outside the area of ​​the cabin).

• The Gas tanks according to various Crash Tests, withstand greater deformation than those sustained by a vehicle during even the most severe car accident.

• They have also special valve for pressure relief which prevents the explosion of the tank.

• Finally, there is an electromagnetic fuel shut-off valve in case of lack of pressure or fuel loss. Gasoline vehicles do not have such automation. Those who had the misfortune of being involved in a traffic accident will certainly remember the anxiety to quickly leave the vehicle and to interrupt the supply of fuel and electricity to avoid explosion in a gas powered car.

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